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Highlands Community Ministries Adult Day Health Center is part of a larger non-profit corporation. In 1966, the seeds were sown for what is today known as Highlands Community Ministries (HCM). A group of lay people at Bardstown Road Presbyterian Church became concerned about the changing community around their church. They interested their pastor and pastors of five other congregations within the immediate area in seeing what the churches together could do to serve the needs of this changing community. Many people in the community were concerned that there was no safe place for children to play and that the young people roamed the streets with "nothing to do." And so in January 1967 this group of six churches began a cooperative ministry entitled Neighborhood Play and Study Club.

In the early months of 1970, the group of six congregations received an affirmative response from the Presbytery of Louisville, for money to develop more comprehensive services within the community. During the years of 1970 and 1971 ministries were developed to serve each age group -- child care, recreational programs, classes, singles clubs, senior citizen activities, and welfare assistance. In 1975, HCM expanded its services for older persons through the development of the Adult Day Center and the Outreach Program for Older Persons. Since that time, HCM has also established a counseling service and constructed apartments for low-income elderly and the handicapped.

Presently 26 congregations are members of Highlands Community Ministries, pooling resources of individuals, facilities, and finances to serve people in the Highlands and the greater Louisville area. It truly is a ministry that serves individuals from "cradle to the grave."